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The world travel guide of -- New Zealand vacations in West Auckland -- has some hand selected travel resources that help planning to travel around the world.

Overseas experiences are popular for many reasons like broadening minds and complementing school education with life experience. Some students choose do this while studying through a student exchange program. Others wait until they finished school first and take the a gap year to explore the world. Many young people choose then a working holiday. Yet, if prepared timely in advance their might even be a smarter solution to live your dream comfortably, without the need of finding work.

The modern airplane ...-

Other reasons to travel may be meeting up with emigrated relatives, adventure or relaxation, but there are plenty more. This time could be used to get proficient in a new language, checking out working life in a new country, volunteering to get a better understanding of social economic aspects in a country, meeting relatives that emigrated or simply seeking the adventure of something new.

While working on the travel related website I came across some interesting websites. These mirror strongly the passion of their webmasters and are overflowing with personal experiences and great information.

Though, the reasons to travel may differ greatly, tips and advice from real people that have been there and done that, often proof valuable as a starting point. They may inspire or give directions for planning a travel either to a particular destination or around the world.

For this reason we decided to set up a World Travel Guide. We do hope these sites will proof useful to you. All listed links are for your information and enjoyment. We carefully selected them. However the Internet is a fast paced territory so the responsibility lies within the webmaster hands and in yours to check the content's accuracy.

In case a link is no longer active on the World Travel Guide contact NZ vacations to report it., is a world-travel-directory and travel guide and provides sites organised by country and region.

Tips and insights from long term traveller Sabine and Patrick are hidden under Adventure Travel Tales and Tips. Once the pair discovered travelling for them their motto became: "Adventure Travel is a way of life, once you've discovered it".

Under A Travel Packing Checklist For Every Destination! a quartet gives freely advice fuelled by own experience on what to pack for a destination.

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Overseas travel experiences:

  • Publish your best and worst overseas experiences in picture and word
  • Pass on recommendations to get the best
  • Give tips to avoid the worst

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