Working together - March 2012 - NZ Photo Contest

by Marie Waters
(Muriwai, Auckland, New Zealand)

Working together

Working together

We love going out to Muriwai Beach to photograph the gannets. On the day I took this photo, the gannets were very busy flying around and getting their nests ready. I liked the way these three birds were working together.

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Australasian Gannets and Their Life on the Edge

The windswept Motutura Island in Muriwai Regional Park is home to a colony of Australasian gannets. Each year these seabirds return to nest. Extending their breeding area the birds took in Otakamiro Point. It is now one of the three mainland breeding areas in NZ.

By the end of October the birds move into the colony until the end of February. Their nests form a very regular pattern which grants the closest as possible yet enough distance to the neighbours’ beak. In November the gannet chicks hatch. When they are 15 weeks old they set out to travel to Australia and will return to this colony to breed when they are aged three and seven.

The best time to watch nesting, fishing, nurturing and other interaction of these birds is in the New Zealand summer months between November and February.

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