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Volunteering on a Farm

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There are two programs of volunteer work and travel in New Zealand that involve work on a farm. One relates to traditional farming the other to organic farming. Both programs encourage travellers on a working holiday visa to volunteer time to work on a farm to get some insights in New Zealand farm life, accommodation and three meals per day.


For both programs a working holiday visa for international traveller is recommended since volunteering in exchange for a bed and meals is considered payment. This gives a restriction to the age between 18 and 30. Otherwise both programs are open to volunteers from the age of sixteen with no limits to the top.

For whom are these programs?


  • Prefer a more personal work experience while you travel
  • Like the idea of volunteering
  • Are interested in traditional farming
    • or organic living.
  • Plan to extend your travel experience
  • Love to meet New Zealanders and get insights in New Zealand life
  • Farm DayClick the cow herd picture to play an online puzzle.


    It translates into 'willing workers on organic farms' as well as 'worldwide opportunities on organic farms'.

    How it works?

    Organic hosts of larger and smaller farms, orchards, vineyards enjoy sharing their organic and sustainable living experiences. This includes hand on tasks in field and garden as well as cooking, preserving and cheese making. Activities that require help are diverse and depend on the time of year and projects at hand.

    The cornerstones what volunteers can expect is: 4-5 hours work a day in exchange for dry accommodation and three meals a day. Often they live in and share the meals with their hosts.

    On the wwoof.co.nz website there is an up to date booklet with all participating organic farms on the North Island and on the South Island available. The wwoof-book is valid for one year and is symbol of your membership that allows you to take part in wwoof New Zealand.


    Farm Helpers in New Zealand

    How it works?

    About 350 farms from all over New Zealand are compiled in a booklet. These are willing to share life in all aspects. Participating host farms range from beef, dairy, sheep, horse, pig or deer. Some are large others are hobby farms. Sometimes the required help is more spread around garden and domestic duties in and around the house. Tasks depend on farm size and your abilities.

    The arrangements include 4-6 hours work in exchange for a bed and meals.

    The yearly membership booklet is available through the FHiNZ website.

    Work and travel is either necessity or tool

    Combining work and travel, can be a necessity to extend or enable travelling in the first place or it gives the chance to gain different insights.  If it is necessity meet Audrey. With time at hand before you take off  you could gain certain advantages.

    Audrey lives in a small town. Her editing business there would never have had the chance to succeed with the possible number of clients. Building an editor business without boundaries set her free. SBI! delivered the tools so that she was able to offer her services to the world.

    Did the video spark some ideas?
    There is always a personalized solution that could enable you to work and travel freely. To discuss how doable your ideas translate follow the link to get your questions personnally answered.


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