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Good reasons to do so:

  • Find New Zealand travel tips and travel stories
  • Send e-cards or enjoy a round of NZ online puzzling
  • Get in contact with like-minded people through our social network on twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • Visual personalities might enjoy to follow and or join the group on Pinterest.
  • Learn more about the Auckland backyard out west and New Zealand.
  • Get to know local businesses and services.
  • Get introduced to new designs available through the KiaOra NZ Store.
  • Hear first hand about upcoming photo contests, and respectively when the voting period as well as the announcement of the winning submissions. 
  • Download and print the free yearly calendar on the welcoming page.

The e-zine comes every two months straight to your e-mail box to keep you up to date with our latest findings and site developments. Explore our back issues of West Auckland Fan-zine and see for yourself if it is of interest to you!

For a flexible West Auckland themed photo wall calendar that allows determining the beginning month, visit our KiaOra NZ Store. A calendar can very well serve as a manifesting tool to your dream journey until you travel to New Zealand.

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