Wellington Art by New Zealand Artists

On this page of Wellington art shows a selection of art prints by contemporary New Zealand artists. New Zealand artworks with city art that sets the focus on Wellington the capital city of New Zealand are vibrant in colour and multifaceted in recounting the city’s flair.

The examples below show artworks by Richard Ponder and his work ‘Wellington Memories’, Sarah Platt with ‘My Wellington’, ‘Oriental Bay, Wellington’ by Bill MacCormick and a counter work ‘Oriental Bay’ by Evelyn Page. The last example is ‘Cuba Street Cool’ by Timo Rannali.

Richard Ponder: Wellington Memories

Richard Ponder work ‘Wellington Memories’ with his use of light and dark colours with strong accentuation of yellow and orange in expressionist style draws attention. His work stands out not only in colouration but as well through his palette knife technique, which he developed during a time in Australia. 

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Sarah Platt: My Wellington

This is an example in vibrant colours in an art naive style. Sarah Platt’s painting  ‘My  Wellington’ also indicates with the choice of title strong bond to the location. 

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Bill MacCormick: Oriental Bay, Wellington

The painted scene by Bill MacCormick in the ‘Oriental Bay’ points out the strong relation between the bay and the frame setting buildings on a beautiful sunny day.

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Wellington Art by Evelyn Page: Oriental Bay

Oriental Bay is part of the legacy of Evelyn Page who is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated artists. Influenced by French expressionist like Degas, Bonnard and Matisse she developed and refined her unique post expressionist style over more than 7 decades of her long and successful career as an artist.

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Timo Rannali: Cuba Street Cool

‘Cuba Street Cool’ by Timo Rannali reflects his fascination towards this place he painted in his signature style with a view through a fish-eye lens that lets onlookers  views fall off to the sides of his paintings.

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Artworks of NZ artists.

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