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NZ Artists Infuse Maori Styles With Contemporary Influences

Celebrating differences a unique gift idea should assert personality, style and type of the recipient. The BoneArtPlace  is a fascinating online shop that represents some of New Zealand’s finest master carvers for unique jewellery gift ideas and wooden sculptures. Each of their work of art stands out in merging traditional Maori designs with contemporary design aspects while enhancing the elemental beauty of the bone, pounamu, mother of pearl and NZ wood. Each piece becomes a unique artwork.

How To Wear Carved Pendants?

Double whale Fluke, Bone Carving

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In Maori believe each shape holds its own meaning. The pendant becomes also carrier of the wearers’ story and some of his essence. Therefore it is no wonder that depending on who wears or had worn the pendant it could become a quite desirable object.

New Zealand carvers use a selection of traditional materials like jade, bone, wood and mother of pearl. Some carvers choose to revive disregarded antlers with new beauty and others use an artificial material like corian. Silver in its pure form or mixed with inlays of paua shells are other popular resources.

The Bone Art Place features these artists and more :


Visesio Siasau or short Sio is through his studies in art and culture well known among artists. He lives, with his Maori wife, in New Zealand and is of Tongan heritage. Bone carving runs traditionally in his family which he followed sporting simplistic designs with personal twist in bone, jade, antler and corian.

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Kerry and Amanda Thompson

The couple Kerry and Amanda Thompson and their talented son Levi, are well known among the art and carving scene. Root Their repertoire consists of carved pendants in bone (stained in two tones), jade, mother of pearl shell, mammoth ivory, silver, mixed material and wooden sculptures. Describing adjectives that come to mind when reviewing their collection: graceful, playful, unique, elegant, multilayered, complex, fascinating, perfect, interesting, stylish, most accomplished.

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Rolfe Bax and Jackie Tump

From the far south of the South Island Rolfe and Jackie’s bone carvings display a strong Celtic and Maori influence. Their pendants feature distinct colourations gained by staining with locally grown wild plants.

Their work ...

Len and Candy Kay

The pair Len and Candy specialized in re-using cast off deer antlers for their carvings. Their work is strongly influenced by traditional Maori forms and the shape of antlers. Sometimes parts are accentuated by a deep honey colouration.

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Lilach Paul and Azure

Their carvings are inspired by mythology from around the world using bone, pounamu and kauri amber. Artist represented in the Bone Art Place are versatile. Amongst the permanent featured artists are always some guest artist worth viewing so.

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