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Pohutukawa Tree Puzzle

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Why is the pohutukawa tree called the New Zealand Christmas tree?

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Pohutukawa Tree

The pohutukawa tree is smothered in blossoms between December and January, the New Zealand summer months. Its red blossoms give stretches of coast a reddish shade. The tree colours the west and east coast of Auckland alike. Bees are then busy collecting its nectar to produce the whitish creamy pohutukawa honey.

Poor soils, wind, and salty spray conditions leave the tree apathetic. Growing a myriad of aerial roots let it find always something to cling on and grow into a huge outreaching and gnarled tree right at waters edge.

Pohutukawa honey

On outings during the most sun intense hours of the day we often choose to rest and picnic in its shade in search of protection of the sun. Meanwhile Mariam and Karim love to climb and swing on its enormous branches.

These qualities put Christmas, summer, beach vacations and the tree in one thought and result in this chiefly tree being called the New Zealand Christmas tree.

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