New Zealand Tree Pictures
Prints By Contemporary Artists

Contemporary artists paint New Zealand tree pictures. We put together a selection of prints that showcase trees, the Waitakere Ranges are known for, as well as a brief preview of some New Zealand artists. Each one displays a different strength.

Diane Adams boldly reduces to dominant shapes and colours. Harold Coop experiments with overlapping oblongs and squares, diffuses and intensifies colours to abstract his paintings. Buchanan gives a kaleidoscopic review in bright vivid colours. Jane Galloway and Kerry Fenton Johns have a more photorealistic approach and excel in giving homage to the sunlight reflected in lush greens.

Diana Adams

Koru - Unfurling Fern Frond by Diane Adams

Koru - Unfurling Fern Frond by Diane Adams

New Zealand is home to almost 200 different fern species so that writer appointed NZ the land of fern. In Maori tradition the unfurling fern frond, named koru, carried the spiritual meaning of new beginnings, growth and power as well as change. The powerful symbol inspires artists, craftsmen, and women to draw design motifs for jewellery, sculptures, household items, logos, and patterns for decorative purposes. The list is varied and long.

This print of Diana Adams is a brilliant study of the unfurling fern frond portraying well her approach of reduction to show the essence of form and colour of her painted object.

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Harold Coop

Pohutukawa Abstract by Harold Coop

Pohutukawa Abstract by Harold Coop

Coop's paintings journeyed through NZ landscapes in aquarelle, acrylic and oil and exhibited his art works all over NZ, Australia, France and England. His work shows his passion for the land, the colour and to set abstract accents. More prints by Harold Coop.

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Dean Buchanan

Kowhai by Dean Buchanan

Kowhai by Dean Buchanan

Born in Auckland, home at Karekare Dean Buchanan is famous for his expressionist paintings in kaleidoscope style with motifs around the Waitakere Ranges.

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Jane Puckey

Light Catches Leaves by Jane Puckey

Light Catches Leaves by Jane Puckey

Jane Puckey, a popular contemporary painter in Auckland, is member of the Mt Albert Art Group and the New Zealand Fellowship of Artists. Since 1996 she exhibits professionally and is a full time painter since 2001. Jane's artwork bring the light reflected on plants and sea into any home as you can see for yourself on the example above.

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Kerry Fenton Johns

Sunlit Palm by Kerry Fenton Johns

Sunlit Palm by Kerry Fenton Johns

Born in Christchurch, now home in Dunedin, member of the Otago Art Society, Kerry won the Yellow Pages Group art awards of the Otago section. The 'Sunlit Palm' reminds on a brilliantly hot summer afternoon spent in the shade of a nikau groove.

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