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Setting up travel websites is easy but reaching the point that organic traffic is directed to the site or even site visitors return on their own accord requires more than just setting up a web-site.

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Well done role models hand in hand with an Action Guide are priceless companion on this endeavour.Two travel site examples in particular took an important role during the phase of outlining site topic and its content. These became a symbol of what is possible online with passion for a location in partnership with Solo Build It!.

Both webmasters were inexperienced in web-design, generating web-traffic, handling business partners or even creating their own e-product or simply running their own business. Nori was just 14 years old when she started out to build a website around her family adventures in Anguilla, while B. was seeking to enjoy all the reasons she immigrated to Australia.

Their online presences are out of the ordinary. Articles engage their site visitors with personal experiences ranging from travelling to and around their favourite holiday locations. While discovering local treasures and using local businesses their site community grew in numbers and became a steady fellowship. Ultimately the fellowship became a base that is fed with news via rss feed, facebook, twitter and Google plus.

The two websites generate high numbers on traffic applying various methods offering free valuable information but still return income in form of affiliate commission, referral fees, site sponsors and from offering their own hard goods and digital products.

Can you imagine?

  • Being passionate about work
  • Being master of your time
  • Being able to create a long lasting growing business
  • Using as much creativity as you feel comfortable with and adjusting this over time
  • Sharing your passion of location with like minded people
  • Growing the site and business as large as you feel comfortable with

All this formed a tempting business model in my mind. One that I desired to follow and build my site with Solo Build It! Following this link you can see Solo Build It! has a proven track record in bringing out the best in webmasters and their travel business. Their make-up is high in quality, diverse, creative and flexible always playing to their strengths.

One example is Nazlina who used her extensive knowledge about the historic side of Penang to build In another example Chris takes us on a round trip of Jamaica in, infused with stories about how the presence evolved from the past and personal experiences. Each page exuberances his deep love for the island and the Jamaican people.

Scrolling up and down the long list of high trafficked web-sites you will find that it is by far not limited to travel websites but that there are hundreds of different niche online businesses by people using their interest in a certain field. All have a common goal:

They will always own their own life.

All your questions may be answered by Solo Build It! Just get in contact. The best time to do so is NOW!

Quote,Steve Jobs, Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma ...

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