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New Zealand produces a wealth on things to remember. Often these items are iconic to NZ and hard to get anywhere else. Therefore we researched and found a great online source that ships New Zealand gift ware internationally.

Products From New - the widest selection of quality, authentic New Zealand made, personal & corporate gifts, promotional marketing products, at wholesale & retail prices, covered by a 365 day money back warranty

Loved products to counter homesickness

Homesick kiwis living abroad can order their favourite products from anywhere. There is no waiting for the next vacations necessary.

Manifest your travel dreams

The other way around works as well gift yourself a treasure to help you manifest your travel to New Zealand.

Homesick Kiwi

NZ confectionery
red possum merino wool wrap

Travel gifts

For New Zealand tourists it means to spend their time within the country exploring rather than gift hunting. Even the stress that arises at the airport by checking in evaporates. Back at home or even while still travelling the travel gifts can be ordered all in one place. Well timed they arrive when they themselves arrive back home.

Our chosen affiliate partner shares the love and appreciation for New Zealand and works as a marketplace for Kiwi only designed and developed products. (New Zealanders are often called Kiwis after the flightless kiwi bird that is one of the New Zealand symbols.)

Products from NZ under the founding and managing director Kristina Cope hold themselves the highest standards and incorporate in their company philosophy Kiwi ideals:

  • Pride in their country promoting products that are designed and developed in New Zealand
  • Walk the talk about a clean and green country using environmentally friendly packaging materials and energy in home and business
  • Innovation, invention, ingenuity

Using these kiwi characteristics paired with the philosophy of giving it a go Kristina started her business out in their lounge. Bringing together the talents of a small group of people to develop the base and build up a global business that enables an international hassle free shopping experience.

Travel Preparation

outdoor adventure
NZ Dvd

Complying with the FDA regulation in America, which were reinforced to adjust to increased needs of security, after the events of September 11 in 2001, makes shopping for exotic foods and cosmetics from New Zealand a breeze.

Happy exploring and shopping:

You cannot decide on the best present for a loved one? No problem there is the possibility of a gift certificate for things to remember available, that lets the receiver choose whatever his/her heart desires.

Travel Gifts

red possum merino wool wrap
Manaia carving
pounamu carving
Jandals in Maori design
In search for products and gifts from New Zealand?

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