The Most Romantic Places in the South of France

by Jenny Dizousa
(Edinburg, Scotland, UK)

If you’re trying to find a destination that has the perfect backdrop for enduring romantic dinners in fine dine restaurants, villages that are picture perfect with a magnificent ambiance, cities that exude beauty and surprises at every turn, a destination you should surely visit is the South of France. Many have said that nothing says romance like a honeymoon in the South of France.

Explore Beautiful Places in the South of France

One of the most romantic places in the South of France is the inland region of Provence. You can enjoy the pastoral views that have inspired many intriguing and amazing artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne and Paul Gauguin. Enjoy the beauty of the vineyards that have even rows of grapes which look like a patchwork and also the view of infinite fields of beaming sunflowers and lavenders. The hillsides are picturesque because of their cobblestone roads that have its twists and turns that many shops and homes are located.

A must-visit spot in the surrounding coast is definitely the French Riviera which is a luxurious resort attraction. This stunning world-renowned place has enticed countless visitors for many decades. You can get the opportunity to relax in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. There are numerous white beaches with local wines or cafe’s that overlook the waters.

Must-Visit Locations

Arles: If you’re planning to stay in the South of France, it is best to make Arles your home base. You can enjoy strolling through the streets where the famous Vincent Van Gogh walked back in his day.

Café la nuit - Straßenbild Arles

Camargue: From Arles, you can rent bikes and tour the Camargue. It was given the name “Everglades of France” because it is a swampy area where you can see white horses, bulls used in local bull fights and also flocks of vibrant flamingos.

Camargue Horses

Gorges du Verdon: Considered to be the Grand Canyon of France since it offers views of magnificent cliffs and blue-green clear waters.

Verdonschlucht/Gorges du Verdon

Nimes: Take a train for an exciting day trip to Nimes. It is the home of a gigantic arena that was built back in 100 A.D.

Nice: A very sophisticated city with many beachside walkways that curves around the coastline. Ideal if you want to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea. There are many scenic and amazing areas to visit such as gardens, ponds and parks.

Cassis: This is a charming town that will give you a romantic backdrop for your South of France getaway. There are vibrant cafes and restaurants along the harbor where you can relax and watch boats sail on by and also watch the beautiful sunset.


Les Baux: The scenes of Les Baux looks like it came from the pages of a story book because of its picturesque beauty. You can experience seeing the remains of medieval castles.

Avignon: The Hotel Medieval is a very great place to lodge when you’re in Avignon. You can enjoy gallery exhibits, food and flea markets and bistros scattered all throughout old Papal town.

Gordes: You can take a bus to Gordes and have a hike around the mountaintop for the day. Enjoy the scenic views of this amazing place filled with romance and thrill.
Before travelling, here’s a little side note to remember.

To conclude: If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, the South of France is the ideal destination for you, especially if it is for someone that you love. Be captivated with the magnificent sceneries all around, the unique cafes and restaurants in the cobblestone towns and also the cultural traditions that the South of France has to offer.

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