The Beehive in Wellington - July 2013 - NZ Photo Contest

by Mariam

The Beehive - House of Parliament Building

The Beehive - House of Parliament Building

It was a sunny but brisk winter’s day in the city of Wellington. We were waiting outside the ‘Beehive’ on the steps of parliament house in anticipation of watching a live parliament debate while admiring the familiar structure of the building. The executive wing of NZ’s parliament building is home to the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers’ offices and houses Cabinet meetings. The parliament building conceived by Scottish architect Sir Basil Spence is shaped like a beehive with its many tiers and three dimensional forms, making it an iconic and easily recognisable building.

The ‘Beehive’ is iconic to NZ and is even decorated by an extensive collection of NZ art. The parliament meets every Tuesday for a formal debate in the debating chamber. I must admit it is an unreal experience looking down on the debating chamber while party members debate over law reforms and bills etc. The parliament building has strict security measures put in place including metal detectors and items must go through an x-ray just like at an airport. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand home to parliament and the reserve bank. It has the second largest population of any rural area in NZ and it is home to approximately 395,600 residents. The ‘Beehive’ is located at the corner of Molesworth Street and Lambton Quay in the city of Wellington.

Photo by Mariam


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Oct 29, 2015
by: Chris

At least it’s not hard to spot. With a nod to its architecture and the influences it drew from, what really makes it special is that the parliament meets there. And that an ordinary person can just look down on debates being held.

sell miles

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