One of the Popular Surfing Locations is Karekare Beach

Karekare Beach is one of the natural surfing locations in the West Auckland region. Wild and unspoiled with vast stretching black sand beach that sparkles magnificently in the sunlight.

Karekare Beach in Spring

Generally surfing Karekare is fine on all tides and best on incoming tide. The more popular area is the Farley Point on the northern end. On busy days more experienced surfers might choose the southern area of Karekare.

At Piha Beach  and Muriwai Beach are surf schools where gear and lessons can be booked. It is is helpful for beginners since the west coast has a reputation of strong rips and is often categorized as dangerous. With the help of a qualified surf instructors participants get to know the west coast rules around water safety and how to enjoy the coast best.

Karekare Beach

A long steep and winding road off Piha Road leads down Karekare Road and to the beach. The journey downhill gives free occasional promising glimpses to Paratahi Island. The car park is snuggled into the valley surrounded mainly by regional parkland.

At the end of the parking area a Maori sculpture is guarding the place. It relates to the memory of the Te-Kawerau-a-Maki iwi (tribe) and their historical bonds to the area. Once, four settlements were spread around the valley. After a battle the land was left deserted. To the present day the Te-Kawerau-a-Maki iwi remains bearer of the spiritual guardianship to this land.

pou whenua at Karekare Beach

By balancing through the stream are over a stone crossing the stream is crossed. The path leads alongside the sand dunes and the surf club, dwarfed by the Watchman to the centre of the beach. Children are often magnetized to the lagoon before the surf club. It becomes their sanctuary of safe water fun.

The alternative trail to the beach without getting wet feet is following the road by foot with your bak to the car park to the right until a low metal gate comes in sight. It marks the beach access via the Pohutukawa Glade.

Nestled in the dunes between the surf life saing club house and the glades are the remains of the former surf club building. The ruin comes and goes with the transformation of the sand dunes. So do the bolts of the old timber tramline at Karekare Point. At the beach only one constant exists and that is change. Sand is ever moving by wind, weather and tides influencing the beaches appearance.

Lone Kauri Lodge

Stay out west.

The 'Lone Kauri Lodge' is situated in Lone Kauri Road that passes by the beach overlooking the Valley. An awakening to birds who announce the new day. The Lodge is a good place to relax.

Surfing Locations' Facilities

Activities around water:

Picnic spots are:

  • Aside of the car park
  • At the entrance to the Pohutukawa Glade
  • Further down the glade on a clearing are tables and a drop toilet
  • combine your picnic with a swim at the idyllic Karekare Falls, just five minutes from the Pohutukawa Glade

Tracks, Trails, Walks around Beach, Coast and Bush

  • hiking tracks suitable for varying level of fitness
  • beach walking
  • coastal walks
  • Waterfall walk
  • Bush walks
  • A guided coast and rainforest walk is featured under VIATOR
  • and many more…

Karekare is all year round attractive. During summer it is one of the west coast’s popular surfing locations. All year round visitors enjoy the walks starting in this valley. Special guests like seals and penguins come occasionally during the winter months. Combined with the range on weather conditions at the coast each visit becomes a little adventure.

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