Street Art By Auckland Mural Artists on E-cards

E-greeting cards with street art created by Auckland mural artists.

Choose an existing virtual card or one you found on the internet. Distract the image through a right click with your mouse copy the image URL and paste it below into the form.

Mural art on powerbox

Eye-catching Street Art  on Power Boxes and Transformer Boxes

Traffic and transformer boxes, decorated by local mural artists, tell the story and particularities of places and people. Eye-catching, these boxes add personality to their environment.

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Atkinson Road
Atkinson Rd
Parrs Park
Parrs Park
Pine Ave
Pine Ave
Corner Corban Ave
Crn Corban Ave
Forest Hill Rd
Forest Hill Rd
Henderso Valley Rd
Henderson Valley Rd
Corner Pleasant Rd
Pleasant Rd
West City
West City
Ratanui Rd
Ratanui Rd
Great North Rd
Great North Rd
Glenview Rd
Glenview Rd
West City
West City
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Street art
Lantern festival

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