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Why would utilizing for your small business advertising needs the website of


SBI! sites like this one have the reputation to grow their traffic numbers steadily both locally and globally.

small business advertising

Our place among 200 million active sites on the Web

In May 2014, the site experienced about 65 thousand page views by 11thousand visitors of 119 nations. This means our place among the 240 million active sites on the Web is among the first 3%. Translated it suggests for any advertising more visibility to more potential customers.

The numbers are on the rise because we work on it by:

  • Improving site usability
  • Adding new content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Broaden our web presence by participating in social networking (pinterest, facebook, twitter etc.) and building rapport with valuable sites.

What does it mean for your advertisement efforts?

  • High targeted traffic
  • High targeted leads
  • Flexible solutions to advertise your online or off-line business
  • A well maintained advertising platform

Small business advertising solutions

To get results of online promotions we offer paid solutions and free solutions


Free for West Auckland businesses:

Free for all:

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Advertising Terms and Conditions

  • We preserve the right to be selective about advertising that fits the site.
  • The homepage remains free of ads.
  • In compliance with Google regulations each advertising link bears the <rel ="nofollow"> attribute
  • Advertisement fees are paid after agreement on type of advertisement and price, and before the agreed business ad, advertising page goes life.
  • Prices will adjust to site popularity upon renewal.
  • Yearly fees have to be paid in advance

Payment options

  • Yearly fee taking PR, keyword and type of advertisement into account
  • Pay per lead, received through a customer contact form
  • PayPal is our transaction partner

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