At The Sea Gulls Reside

bird puzzle of a beach scene

At the end of Long Bay at the meeting point of creek and sea gulls are a common sight. The puzzle shows a black-backed gull.

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Black-backed gull ...

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Pied Shag Caspian Tern Variable Oystercatcher Black Backed Gull eating Australasian Gannets

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Black-Backed Gull

Commonly the coastline and the meadows close to the coast of New Zealand are populated by the black backed gull. With a size of up to 60 cm it is one of the largest seabirds found on the shore.

The dominant plumage colour of the black backed gull is white, and black and a yellow tinted bill. White colours head, neck, and underpants while their back and wings are black with white edges. A colouration that brought them another frequently used name the "Dominican Gull". Dominican friars were clothed in black and white. Meanwhile Maori people call them karoro.

They feed on scavenging the beach as well as on crabs and small fish as you can see in the photo of a typical New Zealand scenery at Long Bay Beach.

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