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Kauri Cone

The kauri cone is part of the tree puzzle games online of New Zealand vacations in West Auckland.

Click into the puzzle game to extend the field in a new browser window and shuffle the pieces. Choose shape and amount of puzzle pieces at the menu to the left. If you enjoyed it send it as a puzzle post card to your friends.

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Did you know, there are male and female kauri cones?

Kauri cones Jigsaw Puzzle
Kauri cones Jigsaw Puzzle

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Kauri coneKauri cone

Kauri Tree

Things to remember

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The puzzle shows female kauri cones. Usually thecones grow high up in the tree and are difficult to observe. Yet a good chance to do so anyway gives the ramp leading to the Arataki Centre on Scenic Drive. Walking the ramp upwards exposes a view through the layers of canopy and crowns of close by kauris.

A kauri tree begins to produce fertile seeds between its twenty fifth and thirtieth year. Male finger-like and female round cones grow on one tree side by side. It takes the cones three years to ripen which leads to cones in varying stages of ripeness on the same tree.

Thanks to the wind open cones are pollinated. The wind too, carries mature seeds away from open cones to germinate. The time frame these seeds may sprout is short. Seedlings will grow when landing in an open space with light reaching the soil unobstructed. Relying on so many outside factors only a small portion of seeds will develop and grow into one of these amazing forest giants.

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