Pohutukawa -December 2011- NZ Photo Contest

by Matt Hunter
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Bright red Pohutukawa

Bright red Pohutukawa

I took this photo of some Pohutukawa in Point Chevalier. I really like the colours and the contrast between the foreground and background.

The photo is part of the photo stream on flickr www.flickr.com/photos/grindtoslide/6440714853

Taken on: Nikon d3100
Colour Corrected: Magic Bullet photolooks


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The pohutukawa tree is a symbol for summer, sun, and the holiday season. Withstanding wind and salt sprayed beaches around the Hauraki Gulf, the Waitemata Harbour on the east side of Auckland and the west coast are tinted in red during this time of the year.

Artists inspired by this splendour express themselves using the pohutukawa as a symbol in logos, paintings, photographs, or writing a song about it like Arif Usmani. He is the creative director of Starfish Magic based in Auckland and has produced many children music albums. Amongst them is the album "I Love Santa Claus" with the song "Christmas on the beach".

Christmas on the Beach - Christmas Carol

We don't want no holly or mistletoe
We don't want no Christmas tree with artificial snow
We don't want no snowman made of cotton wool
We're not a bunch of fools

Christmas on the beach, Christmas on the beach
Pack your picnic hamper up we're gonna have a feast
Underneath the huge pohutukawa tree
Christmas on the beach

We don't want no reindeer, we don't want no sleigh
We just want some sunshine and a good old holiday
We don't want to suffocate in our shoes and socks
We don't want to sit around the box

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