Picnic Places

Do you have a favourite place?

Everyone favours special picnic places over another ones.

What is it that draws you to a place to rest?

Is it the view to ascending and descending ridges over viewing a valley or the soothing gurgling sounds of a peacefully meandering stream down in the valley? Is it the closeness of a water hole or pond to take a cooling dip or the gently rolling surf at the beach? Is it the vibrating cicada sounds in summer aside the chirping bird songs under the cooling shade of far stretching tree tops? Or is it simply the comfort of a picnic table or simply an inviting patch of green that invites you to take a break.

The true traveler is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot of the time.

What is it you are looking for in a spot you choose to rest from the strains of a hike?

Site visitors show their special picnic spots that are found in the Waitakere Ranges. The Ranges are riddled with tracks through bush and rainforest and there is a wide range of places to choose from. Some of these places are aside of car park and others require some exercise, rewarding with peace and beauty. A rented car helps to explore the Waitakeres independently and find your favourite picnic places.

Where are your favourite picnic places in West Auckland?

Places to picnic and enjoy surrounding panorama are plentiful in West Auckland. Do you have a favourite one, and what do you like most about it?

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Pararaha Valley 
The Pararaha Valley is a well earned campsite and rest place. Pararaha Campground - Hillary Trail The Hillary Trail is a four day tramp through …

Picnicking at Makaroa Falls 
A hike for about 35 minutes until picnicking at Makaroa Falls is in reach. As starter serves the view into the valley towards the waterfall. Then a steep …

Picnic On The Rocks At Fairy Falls 
A waterfall walk for the whole family with picnic on the rocks at Fairy Falls. The Fairy Falls Track loop takes about two hours in a leisurely pace. …

Picnic With View Towards Kitekite Falls 
A twenty five minutes walk on the Kitekite Track is rewarded with a fantastic view. A picnic table with view towards Kitekite Falls suggests resting and …

Hot Summer Day At Karekare Falls 
Definitely it is a perfect place to spend a hot summer day - Karekare Falls. Five minutes walk away from the Karekare car park, to the left off Lone …

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