Physical Map of New Zealand

New Zealand Road Map

A New Zealand journey becomes flexible and independent with a physical map of New Zealand.

In my experience a New Zealand travel is best enjoyed when well prepared. Knowing what is of interest to you gives the best chance to adjust to situations that are beyond your control. A good way to go about this is to mix free resources like free maps and booklets with an informative Road Atlas .

A NZ Road Atlas gives an updated foundation on interesting sights and events around Auckland City, Northland and South island. While the road atlas as a tool lets you connect the doted route of things and locations of interest beforehand. Distance indications, sizes of cities and towns, as well as interesting sights, scenic routes, and look-outs are information provided within the map. All the same it is a valuable source for compiled details of amenities like post-shops, restrooms, ambulance, and churches, picnic areas, camp grounds, reserves, and many things more.

Using the Driving Guide to Scenic New Zealand ads to the general information of a road map suggestions of 50 tourswith interesiting regional tips and background information based on David Chowdhury his personal experiences. Returning home this guide has the potential to become a valuable keepsake.

All in all a road map is a key requisite for independent and efficient day to day travel planning with a rented motor home, camper van or car.

Falls Dam, Maniototo, New Zealand
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Knowing gives the chance of freedom and staying in control. Plan your entire route either beforhand or on a day to day basis. A good plan allows to getting side tracked, or simply a change of plans if something catches your attention and you need spontaneously some time at your hand.

The following are two popular road atlases. Of these we had chosen the Kiwi Pathfinder New Zealand Travellers Road Atlas and were very happy with it. The slimmed version is the Kiwi Minimap. It is a New Zealand Compact Travellers Atlas .

Muriwai Beach Piha Beach Karekare Beach Whatipu Long Bay

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