Photo Puzzles Showing Off NZ Travel Memories

The digital era makes it possible. Photo puzzles printed on demand with your favourite travel photos in a solitaire composition or a photo collage. The beauty the classic puzzle will have the amount of pieces needed to make a perfect kid puzzle game or a 1000 piece puzzle to satisfy a best friend’s puzzle addiction. 

On Your NZ Travel You Have:

  • Joy in taking digital travel photos
  • A wish to create something with your digital material
  • A passion for solving jigsaw puzzle games for relaxation
  • In search for a personalized gift or commemorative gift for family, friends or associates who share a passion for puzzling

Travelling, taking digital photos, and relaxing while solving jigsaw puzzles are favourite past time activities for a growing crowd. Jigsaw2order puts the perfect solution at our fingertips. It is a company that uses modern technologies to print on demand customized classic puzzles. Puzzle fans send in their digital material in return they receive a puzzle with the amount and size of jigsaw pieces they love to solve most. Even multiple shapes are available to fit the right purpose. There is the heart shape, round or panorama shape in addition to the classic one. The amount of piece is selectable to fit puzzle starters or the proficient puzzle enthusiast. Jigsaw puzzles start with a 30-piece puzzle, a 1000 piece puzzle or even as big as a 1500 piece puzzle. This by the way is the largest customized jig saw puzzle on the internet available. Use on Photo or assemble multiple photos in a photo montage or photo collage that becomes theme of your puzzle, which makes it a fabulous travel memory or family gift idea.  

DPI, BPI and Pixels -Taking Photos or Scan Images

These three digital measurements are responsible for puzzle size and therefore the ultimate number of pieces possible and the image quality shown on the puzzle. This also means you can scan in any artwork to being printed on the jig saw puzzle. Colin Southwell from jigsaw2order explains the relationship well in his article 'Understanding Image Size, Resolution and Photo Quality for a Better Puzzle'. 

Photo Puzzles Preserve Travelling Adventures

Digital cameras are frequent accessories on New Zealand vacations. They are easy to use with an increasing quality of captured pictures. A fact reflected greatly in new ways of online and off-line entertainment and socialising. This is all possible due to creative minds that sourced a range of new ways to implement these data other than preserving them on piles of CD’s and taking huge amount of memory space on our PC’s and external drives.

In our virtual world we share them, edited in short films on Youtube, online photo albums and slide shows photo sharing sites, or use them in blogs, on pinterest, tumblr or instagram. We keep social sites to communicate and update with friends, family and even get involved in virtual communities to make new friends globally. All is about socialising and sharing.

The offline world echoes increasingly our creative abilities set free through digital data. We take an active attitude on designs in fashion and home accessories.


Our digital material serves to design and custom design and order anything from T-shirt’s, shoes, and other items of practical, technical or fashionable accessories. This wave of personalisation affects too our love for photo puzzles.

Just imagine free choice in:

  • Picture theme
  • Puzzle size
  • Puzzle shape
  • Size of jig saw pieces
  • Amount of puzzle pieces
  • Telling your travel story in one image or multiple images

A modern move towards service lets customer choose the image and define the amount of pieces in their jigsaw puzzles. The option to upload personal travel photos to design custom jigsaw puzzles increases attraction in puzzles as personal souvenirs even more. A travel story communicates better in more than one picture. A great solution for that is a selection of photos assembled to one collage, then used as base for a customized jigsaw puzzle. The result is a very personal travel gift to friends, family or even to you. A unique gift, that tells a story, your travel story.

Sneak Preview of Free Online Puzzle Games in Our Puzzle Gallery

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