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To all hobby photographers and New Zealand fans, "Photo Invitations" lets you show off your best shots.

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Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. Marcus Aurelius

The journey to this distant island is for many a once in a life time experience. New Zealand landscapes mesmerise and possible activities may hook many.

Endless beaches in all shapes and sizes form white to black, with ground of sand, stone, shells, pebbles or boullders. Sometimes trenched in sun and glowing at sunset to tinted grey by overcasting clouds or spooky when the weather changes. Vast desert like or fringed by age old pohutukawa trees. Bush and rainforest, plains or hills and mountains, waterfalls, moon like land of volcanoes and many more feature leave their marks. Fine tuned by ever changing light of an island brings out most fascinating perspectives on landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes.

Professional and amateur photographer find many occasions that their heart beats higher compelled by scenery only nature is able to compose.


  • As many submissions as you like
  • Four photos per page are possible
  • As long as they are your own photographs or you have permission to use them
  • Camera you used
  • Conditions and time the photo was taken
  • Place in NZ
  • Story behind the photo, the location, your thoughts
  • Whatever you believe relevant to the caption and the competition

We take no responsibility for submitted work, and if one submission fails to meet the above frame work we reserve the right to delete this submission.

Important Note:

The maximum image size accepted is 800x600. The accepted formats are .jpg and .gif. Please make sure the format is in small letters.

Please, resize any photo larger than 800x600 pixels using your graphics software or a Web-based resizer, such as

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