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Shakespear Regional Park - Open Sanctuary

Shakespear Regional Park is special for panorama holidays lovers. 360° sweeping views have their very own borderless attraction, over grassy farmland and the Hauraki Gulf to Rangitoto , Auckland City, Whangaparoa Peninsula and towards Wenderholm Regional Park and Mahurangi Regional Park .

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The park north of Auckland is an open sanctuary to native New Zealand wildlife and a popular daytripper destination under things to do in Auckland. Aucklanders come for scenic hikes, mountain biking, watching birds, paragliding, picnicking, camping, kite surfing, snorkelling, diving and swimming.

With your own car, a rental car, or a New Zealand motor home rental it is just a 40 minute drive from the Auckland CBD. Using, the Auckland public transportation it may take a little longer, yet it brings you as close as a 10 minute walk from the park entrance to Te Haruhi Bay.

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At the beginning of December 2011 the park just reopened after undergoing a pest eradication program. Goal is to prepare for New Zealand endangered bird species and welcome more birds to migrate from bird colonies established on the nearby pest free Tiriti Matangi Island.

To keep New Zealand pests permanently off the tip of Whangaparoa peninsula a pest proof fence is erected between Army Bay and Okoromai Bay. Additionally the open sanctuary will be supported by an active pest control that includes constant monitoring and placing supervised bait stations holding brodifacoum into the buffer zone before the fence line. At the same time park visitors are asked to execute basic biosecurity precautions to prevent accidental re-introduction of any NZ pests.

Precautions on panorama holidays in Shakespear Regional Park

Park visitors have to stow their gear into secure boxes. It also means that domestic pets like dogs, cats or any other pet that may accompany you has to stay out of the fenced off area.

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Attractions special to the park are:

  • Three walking tracks fulfil all expectations of panorama holidays
  • NZ native birdlife, living in the open sanctuary
  • Sheep grazing the pastural hills delight everyone with their offspring during the lambing season in spring
  • About 13 park own peacocks walking free and brighten up the scene with their emerald shaded feather dress
  • Four shipwrecks between Okoromai and Te Haruhi Bay. These were wrecked to form a breakwater that quiets the water in the bay resulting in ideal swimming, kayaking conditions and naturally they magnetize curious snorkelers and divers
Shakespear Regional Park, peacock Shakespear Regional Park Shipwreck

Wildlife to see on panorama holidays in Shakespear Regional Park

Already the native birds like bellbirds, brown quail, two parrot species kakariki and kaka, crossing the water from Tiritiri Matangi Island , have naturally re-established the park as their home and joined the more widely spread pukeko and kereru. With some patients during the night you may come across one of the three skink species living in the park. Keeping these inhabitants safe and promoting their growth as well as re-introducing more native species for everyone to enjoy is the ultimate goal.

Things to do on panorama holidays


Three walking trails that take between 1 and 2 hours, connected they add up to 4 hours walking time. All of them pass the look-out point with a sweeping 360° degree view.

    The Heritage Trail features a Waterfall Gully, native forest, farmland, and wetland. The highlights are the main look out and at night glow worms sparkling like fairy lights around the Waterfall Gully. The Duck pond is home to many birds among them are the native Pukeko and the Kereru.

    The Lookout Track heads along open farmland to the main lookout.

    Tiritiri Track follows bush, beach and farmland. At Pink beach enjoy a sunset picnic to reveal where its name originates from or throw out your fishing line. It is a nice beach embedded in cliff formations.

Swimming / Snorkeling / Diving

The Park has access to three safe sandy family beaches Army Bay, Okoromai Bay and Te Haruhi Bay. The Okoromai Bay is the shallowest of them. The place for snorkelling is between Okoromai and Haruhi Bay.

Four shipwrecks scuttled by the landowner between the 1920s to install them as breakwater to ensure calm waters around the bay. Swimming is best at high tide since the bays are very tidal. Along the foreshore Of Haruhi Bay are ideal picnic places.


For group or family reunion of 100 to 500 people, there are 6 picnic sites to pre- book at the Auckland Regional Council. 5 sites along the beach feature each 2 wood burning BBQs and one that allows preparing a traditional Maori hangi. Booked sites should be occupied by 9am the latest otherwise they become available for the next person group interested. Find more beach picnic spots around West Auckland recommended by site visitors.

All in all Shakespear Regional Park is a great destination on panorama holidays to New Zealander and tourists alike, alone, in a group or a family reunion. Crowning panorama holidays with fabulous views, or providing the base to a facet rich time in the park filled with leisurely pleasures or distract with one or more of the many activities possible.

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Pre-book with a call, a picnic place with BBQ, a campsite to stay for up to 7 nights, secure an overnight place for your New Zealand motor home rental.

Auckland Regional Council

Phone: 09 366 2000

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