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The feijoa blossom is part of the collection of floral online puzzles displaying the blooming stage of a popular autumn fruit in West Auckland.

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feijoa blossom

Feijoa Jigsaw Puzzle
Feijoa Jigsaw Puzzle

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These blossoms fill feijoa trees in early summer, from October to November. Swarms of silvereye birds visit at this time the tree in our garden for nectar.

Around March green egg sized fruits start dropping, a sign of their readiness. We cut them in half to spoon or squeeze out the sweet aromatic jelly like pulp that is held in 3 to 6 compartments outlined by opaque flesh. Close to the skin flesh becomes grainy.

Occurring bruises, when ripe fruits drop restrict their perfect state to a couple of days. After that the flesh shows signs of discolouration. These are the same when fruits are over ripe. Just dropped the perfect taste is reached. The children love their delicious taste in smoothies, yoghurt, or ice creme. Others make use of them in baked and cooked dishes. A whole industry evolved to preserve their aroma in still wine, sparkling wine, liqueur and, tasty juice, as well as chutneys, or filling in chocolates.

The feijoa fruit originates from Brazil. The fruit tree was introduced to New Zealand around 1920. The evergreen shrub or small tree of 5-7 metres height can be seen in many New Zealand gardens. It is sometimes even used to grow hedges.

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