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Fronds of a Fern Tree

The fronds of a fern tree are part of the online jigsaw puzzle collection of New Zealand vacations in West Auckland.

The game opens in a new window by clicking into the fern tree picture. Choose shape and amount of jig saw pieces at the menu to the left. If you enjoyed it send it as a puzzle e-card.


Fern tree ...

Fern Tree
Fern Tree Detail Jigsaw Puzzle

The link opens in a new window. Puzzle, compete, or send  an e-card.

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Pohutukawa tree Kauri Cone Nikau Palm Fern Tree

Tree fernTree fern

Fern Tree

Things to remember

Kiwiana treats and gifts

New Zealand the land of fern recognizes fern as one of their national symbols.

This is quite understandable since ferns are so plentiful. Let alone in the Waitakere Ranges, that are west of Auckland, more than 100 species thrive. This makes up for about 60% of all fern species home in New Zealand.

The silver fern for example gave logo and name inspiration to NZ's leading netball team. Many attractive variations and abstractions of the fern and the unfurling fern frond are part of business and sports team logos like that of the All Blacks for example.

While in creative arts carvers, painters, sculptors, and jewellers take their inspiration from fern, too. A tradition that goes way back to the beginning of the Maori people on this island. In their mythology the new frond is called koru. It carries the symbolic meaning of new beginnings, balance, and growth.

The koru is one of many symbols that shape and accentuate unique gift ideas for loved ones or for one self.

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