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The cordyline australis is part of the tree online jig saw puzzles collection of New Zealand vacations in West Auckland. In Maori the cabbage tree is called ti kouka. To play click into the thumbnail below the tree picture.

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Cabbage Tree

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Cabbage tree
cabbage tree Jigsaw Puzzle

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Cabbage tree – Ti Kouka

The cabbage tree is a characteristic sight around the west and east coast of Auckland. Eye catching are their round and spiky heads topping long and slender trunks in heights up to 12 to 20 metres. Insects feel particular attracted to the tree from September to January thanks to heavily sweet-scented flowers. From then on to March carbohydrate rich small fruits attract kereru to feed.

Indigenous Maori people and pioneers alike found various uses for trunk and leaves. After cooking and drying young shoots a kind of porridge could be cooked to enrich the diet in early days with carbohydrate. The long, sword like leaves found use in rope making and weaving.

When Captain Cook tasted the shoots it reminded him on cabbage hence the name. Later pioneers used hollow trunks for their fire resistance to make chimneys and bring warmth and comfort into their huts. The bark was particular fire resistant on the other hand dried leaves burnt easily and provided excellent heat.

A cabbage tree splits ends after each blooming season. As a result it grows into an admired ornamental tree that leads artists like Diana Adams to become the focal point in vivid paintings reflecting the peaceful yet strong and energetic atmosphere of sun drenched coastlines.

The cabbage tree found his way too, into many New Zealand gardens and overseas gardens.

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