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Collated travel tips and New Zealand tourist information are a good way to go about travel preparations for NZ. You have made up your mind to travel to New Zealand. What next?

North Island impressions

First Steps

Choose your travel highlights. Are they spread mainly over the North Island or the South Island or both? Do they concentrate either on the NI or the SI?

Some Questions to Narrow It Down

New Zealand Tourist Information About The Best Time to Travel

The geographical location of New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere. Consequently the summer months with the main travelling season falls between December and February while the winter is from June to August. The north boasts a temperate marine climate with mild winters above freezing point a fact that differs in rare occasions. The far south in comparison shows off a complete different climate. The best time to travel gives more insights about the differences.


As a far away destination, NZ becomes for many tourists a once in a lifetime journey. Childless travellers, up to the age of thirty, often decide to take advantage of the New Zealand tourist information on working holiday visa to support their travel money. The upside on this strategy apart from prolonging the possible travel time is the chance of meeting kiwis. Living and working alongside locals gives then a deeper understanding about the country and the people. Sometimes working in NZ requires the to open your own kiwi bank account for everyday money transfers.

What to see and how to get there?

Still your decision remains what to see and explore. Both North Island and South Island have spectacular scenic landscapes with lots of different natural features and man staged adventures. Narrow down your likings and you will know where and when to go.

If you plan to concentrate on one island book your flight for the North to Auckland and for the South to Christchurch. Do your travel highlights spread over both islands compare the flights to both destinations. Then go one step further should you plan to rent a car, van or motor home. Why? More people start from Auckland therefore you may get a bargain driving the vehicle from South to North. On the other hand should you plan to tramp or cycle the targeted time to travel might influence where to start since the north is milder in early spring and late autumn.

If you are on a 'tighter schedule' concentrating on one region like Auckland or just the North Island or the South Island might be an idea.

Bus tours and intercity buses offer tickets that are valid for one year with a hop-on and off service throughout New Zealand.  This is a great service for all short and long term traveller to discover many popular adventurous activities and scenic highlights. They even arrange a place to stay which gives you more time to enjoy and reduces the need to phone around and organise. 

Through the scenic most valuable regions train vacations are bookable for the duration of one or more days.

Are you travelling solo or in a group?

Travelling by yourself, in company of friends or partner, or even with your family further outlines your travel objective. What to see, how to get there, where to stay and for how long is often co-related to it. Travelling with children for example is often subject to affordability and space for the family to interact. Meanwhile daily activities should somehow accommodate the interests of all. Ideally they stimulate and enhance the children’s needs.

Singles on the other hand are 'happy to mingle' with other travellers to exchange travel stories and adventure recommendations. New Zealand is the right place for simple to luxurious desires, for independent or guided travelling, or a combination of all.

Where to stay?

A wide variety on accommodation is on offer:

Self drivers may prefer Camping parks. They provide for tents, camper-vans, and motor homes. Often on-site cabins in varying level of comfort are available, too. A communal kitchen and lounge, playground and internet are part of their services.

The DOC (Department of Conservation) holds over 120 Camp-grounds for scenic locations lovers, with basic expectations in regards to facilities.

B&B, motels, hotels, and lodges in different star rating round up the picture on available New Zealand and Auckland accommodation.

Generally it is no trouble to just book one or two days in advance. The best travel tips on the general New Zealand tourist information for the summer holidays and public holidays during the main travel season are:

  • Pre-book as long in advance as you can

Like this disappointments similar to our tour to Cape Reinga are avoidable.

New Zealand Tourist Information on Tasks Before The Departure

Before you even think about booking a flight check on the present travel visa requirements for the country your passport is issued from. Many countries have free entry for three months upon entry. A passport holding an expiry date three months after leaving New Zealand plus a return ticket or at least an onward ticket to a country you are eligible to enter is essential. Planning ahead prevents from negative experiences on New Zealand holidays in case of longer re-issuing periods for passports.

Book your flight

Shop around and research different airlines. Compare weekday and weekend departure and return dates! The prizes for flights vary daily. Flexibility could pay off and result in a much cheaper flight to New Zealand. Sometimes even a holiday package pays off where flight and accommodation for exploration in the arrival city. The return flight can the be used at a later date after you travelled the country on your terms. Below is a link that lets you combine your travel arrangements anyway you like.

Do you require travel insurance?

New Zealand tourist information recommends considering travel insurance. Some credit card include this service in their contracts therefore check yours first before you start searching for the best deal. Usually this is a pre-departure arrangement and most insurance companies reject a contract after the beginning of your travel. The best travel tips are an New Zealand travel insurance policy that covers theft, loss, and medical costs. Study the fine print and make sure that everything you plan to experience is covered. Some decline coverage for dangerous activities.

How to access your travel money?

ATM machines are available throughout New Zealand at banks always and along main shopping areas and malls. The bank’s opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.30 to 4.30. Exemptions are the shopping malls around Auckland where banks are open Saturday and Sunday, too. With a four digit PIN international credit cards work at ATM’s. Reconfirm with your bank, for acceptance, and the fees involved. They vary sometimes astonishingly and counter your aim to get the most out of your travel money.

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