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The New Zealand story page sets the stage for guest authors of New Zealand articles who plan to shine in writing for an audience.

Are you in search of an audience?

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Here on everyone has the opportunity to write and publish his or her own original guest articles about New Zealand related topics.

Some Articles Published in The Past:

Reach Your Target by Pleasing Readers and Search Engines:

  • Original content
  • Storyline based on experience or information
  • Natural text flow
  • Place most important thoughts into the first paragraph
  • Structure through subheadings
  • Minimum word count 400

For guest authors of New Zealand articles to leverage on the organic momentum available on the net through search engines, the article length, quality and keywords play a role. This means a word count of 400 and keeping a natural flow to your article. Writing the most significant thoughts into the first paragraph and expand within the article body.  Ideally the article body has additional structure through subheadings. This helps all those who skim before making the decision of in depth reading.

Why Consider Writing The New Zealand Story On This Site?

You are still reading, so you are keen on writing for an audience.

  • 'New Zealand vacations in West Auckland' is target of a growing audience interested in information about Auckland, New Zealand, and travelling the country.
  • An increase, in new and returning visitors, is proof that the site attracts readers from all over the globe to read and interact. This in turn means your story is accessible to an ever-growing audience and gives you the chance to interact with like-minded readers.
  • The beauty is we keep an eye on every article submission and comment relevance to keep high quality standards throughout the site.
  • Write one article or contact us and ask for a personal page (similar to Body Balance With Kinesiology) where you can add multiple articles to your name.
  • Give each submission your personal touch and load up to four photos up or embed a YouTube video.
  • The signature field may include any information you feel your readers should have about you.


The outcome is a win-win-win situation.

You get a well looked after stage to shine and interested readers; the audience gets a wider perspective with multiple unique voices and we have a growing site.

Read stories written by guest authors….

Do you have a special place or activity to rave about?

What was the most mesmerizing place you visited or the most exciting activity you took part in while travelling New Zealand? Future New Zealand visitors would love to hear your story.

Site visitors tell their New Zealand stories

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