New Zealand Scenery Photo Canvases

Printing New Zealand scenery photos on canvas elevates the value of landscape photos and makes wonderful wall decorations displaying dear travel memories. The photo prints on wrapped canvas to the left are examples of the growing collection in KiaOra NZ Store.

How to Print Photos on Canvas

On Youtube are ‘how tos’ available which involve stripping a photo print off its back and then clue it carefully on canvas to get the canvas structure. This might be for some a good solution. For others it might proof tricky to separate without harm and thereafter glue the thin photo layer under avoidance of any bubble formation onto a canvas. Preparations before undertaking the project include matching the photo and canvas size, finding a very sharp knife or scalpel like cutting tool plus something that enables to apply even pressure onto the canvas, which is difficult on an already stretched canvas.  Experience whispers in my ear that when this is a one off task this has the potential to become a lengthy, fiddly and time-consuming process. Putting time and likely costs together only one win is sure and that is spending time.

Relation of Time and Outcome

Considering time as the most valuable asset, plus translating time it could take into money, the possibility to match simply digital data to a custom canvas appears an easy and desirable solution.

  • Take a maximum measure of the wall to decorate.
  • Decide on frame thickness.
  • Order the photo canvas print online.

This sounds perfect.

By printing photos on canvas with Zazzle, the size of canvas depends solely on the size of your digital image and the wall space to fill.

New Zealand Scenery Photos with Artistic Creativity

  • Choose between 9 different canvas sizes or define a custom canvas size.
  • Select a frame thickness between three sizes of thickness 0,75", 1.5", 2.5". The photo wraps around the frame. So make sure the frame thickness results in the desired view on the front.
  • Decide whether to split the image for effect into multiple panels.
  • Test how the photo looks best. Coloured like originally taken, or transferred into sepia or black and white.

Every creative person will jump of joy realising the numerous possibilities to bring out the best in a photograph. Square, oblong, panoramic, any of the suggested sizes or straying off and customize the size to the photo and space needs. Topping it all preview how the landscape scenery would gain on style by splitting it into a diptych, triptych or quad.

There is no limit to your creativity but your taste and the photo content. For artistic expression coloured photos transfer per click into black and white or sepia prints.

For all those used to decimal measurements find a conversion calculator.

About the Canvas Material

The gloss canvases consist of an additive free cotton-poly blend with surface protection against cracking when the canvas is stretched. The instant dry gloss canvas results in prints that are fade resistant for 75 years and more.

The difference to the DIY canvas photo print is, the digital photo prints directly onto the canvas in the chosen size. Size, proportion, single, or multiple panels are customized and then previewed through the browser. Selected characteristics print on canvas and once the colour is dry, the canvas is wrapped around the chosen frame.  Quick and most importantly worry free.

Please check the growing collection on New Zealand Scenery photo canvases on the KiaOra NZ Store.

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