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Every place has some very own recipes. They might depend on tradition, occasion, season, or cooking style.

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The cookbook found in most kiwi households:

Edmonds Cookery Book is a well known New Zealand cook book that is found in most of New Zealand households. In 2008 it celebrated its centenary.

The book started modestly as a thank you for supporting the Edmonds baking powder product in 1908. In 1955 it left the status of a complimentary gift and went for the first time on sale. Since this time over 3.3 million books have been sold.

When children move into their first own home, it became tradition to most kiwi parents to give them an edition of the Edmonds cookery book. Today it surpasses 250 pages filled with recipes and general cooking tips and instructions.

We got one ourselves and are intrigued by its practical instructions and the variety of recipes reflecting the multi ethnicity in New Zealand.

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