New Zealand Landscape Art Prints
By Contemporary Artists

Through the eyes of artists New Zealand landscape gains new depths. Examples show inspiring places on the North Island.

Colour Challenge: Blue & Orange

Colour Challenge: Blue & Orange by KiaOra NZ featuring the print Beach Settlement by Harold Coop

Diane Adams reduces landscapes to dominant colours and shapes.  Harold Coop tends to abstract his picture window with overlapping squares and oblongs that diffuse colour or intensifies their contrast. In Timo Ranali's work simplification and exaggeration is used to tell a story. Jane Galloway is inspired by the change of light in her surroundings and uses a collage technique to pinpoint details. Richard Ponder developed a palette knife technique he uses to paint his vibrant paintings in an expressionist style.

Diana Adams

Taranaki Coast by Diane Adams

Taranaki Coast by Diane Adams

Home in the Canterbury plains, where she lived all her life, surrounding landforms stirred up her passion. Being a creative person she took up a career in landscape architecture until she found the right medium to express her passion. Painting!

After landing a successful show it was time for Diana Adams to change her professional path to take up full time painting. Bold in colour and expression the New Zealand landscape and subjects are reduced to their basic form and colour transmitting the essence of New Zealand’s beauty. Prints of her paintings are available showing landscapes of many areas on the South Island as well as on the North Island. Sizes in her work vary greatly. There is a good chance to find the right print to uplift and accentuate any space.

For a wider selection of artworks please follow the link to Diana Adams.

Harold Coop

Beach Settlement by Harold Coop

Beach Settlement by Harold Coop

Fascinated by NZ’s landscapes Harold painted these. His early artworks that found recognition were painted in aquarelle and oil. After retiring from his professional life as a leading eye surgeon his paintings became main focus. On travels he studied different styles morphed from a more traditional style into large abstract and expressionist works. These are quite popular and are exhibited in galleries all over New Zealand, England France and Australia.

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Timo Rannali

Huka Falls by Timo Rannali

Huka Falls by Timo Rannali

Born in Finland, grown up in New Zealand, influenced by cubists like Picasso to find his own expression and NZ artist Colin McCahon. The most significant stimulus to his art he found in his 14 years of teaching art to children and that there was always a story that came with their work. This led to his very own way using a 'fish eye lens' to make his story fit on the canvas.

Some of Timo Rannali's work shows this effect more intensely ...

Jane Galloway

Autumn Mist Raglan Harbour by Jane Galloway

Autumn Mist Raglan Harbour by Jane Galloway

Raglan a seaside town at the west coast of the North Island is her home. She paints portraits and landscapes.

More of her artwork ...

Richard Ponder

Port Nicholson by Richard Ponder

Port Nicholson by Richard Ponder

Since the 1970's Richard Ponder paints professionally. Loving New Zealand's landscapes and the interaction of colour and light his earlier works displayed scenes in the light of the early morning. A period of living is Australia is marked by developing the palette knife technique. Influenced by impressionists like van Gough and Monet later by Affandi and Sumadiyasa his work became bolder and showing his distinct style in landscapes and cityscapes.

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