New Zealand Hiking Tour Out West

some general guide lines for the Waitakeres

Planning a New Zealand hiking tour in the Waitakere Ranges gives the choice of more than 140 different trails. Their length sums up to more than 250 kilometres.

Track qualities reach from shorter pram friendly walks drained and metaled. Their width is about one metre wide. 

Others are clearly identifiable tracks less than one metre wide and longer than walks. These traverse rough terrain with clay on earth base and fairly sloping. So a good level of fitness is required on this scenic hike.

More demanding rugged tramping tracks for experienced trampers are marked in maps without clearly defined trails in the bush but a bright orange arrow that gives direction. Round up your outdoor adventure hiking tour up with an overnight stay. Pre-organized lodges and park campsites are available and bookable through the Arataki Visitor Centre.

Trails pass mature and regenerating New Zealand forest and rainforest, coastal walks and beach walks, streams, waterholes and waterfalls, and historic places of Maori people and immigrants.

Hiking in New Zealand in the Waitakere Ranges lead to more than 400 plant species. Eighty of these are endangered.

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What you need on longer hikes :

  • Choose a hike that matches your experience, level of energy and liking of highlights
  • Allow enough time for the tour
  • Plan your outdoor hiking carefully no matter how long, cell phones often lack reception and tell someone where you plan to go and for how long approximately
  • Something to keep you warm and dry
  • Enough water and food
  • Sun protection
  • toilet paper, stay away 50 metres of any stream, dig a hole and cover everything

For overnight stays :

  • Waterproof pack liner
  • Some insulation mat to sit and sleep on
  • Shelter for the night, tent or bivvy bag

Take only memories. Leave nothing but footprints.
--Chief Seattle--

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Environmental Care Rules on New Zealand Hiking Trails

Stay on the trails to protect animals and plants.

Keep streams and lakes clean. Bury toilet waste in 50 metre distance. The same rule applies for washing dishes or yourself in addition to the use of biodegradable soaps.

Leave only footprints and take rubbish with you.

Consider others and most important enjoy yourself and our beautiful outdors.

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