New Zealand DVD

A young nation in an old country

A New Zealand DVD trilogy gives an excellent overview about the country and the people, their values, tasks, and the Islands' secret. 

Set of 3 DVD's

The three parts cover the different life style facets each New Zealander can choose from depending on regional settings and preferences. Their often thoughtful and selfless take on conservation tasks that lie ahead. In the final sequence the fascinating and thrilling shadow sides with all their up and down sides conclude dramatically the trilogy. Hours fly bye by diving into the scenes of Secrets of New Zealand their attractions, inspiration, and values.

DVD 1: Inside New Zealand

Travel through different settings of landscape, climate and infrastructure discovering the fascination that draws people to settle, live, work, and bring their children up. 

Conditions are sometimes extreme like in the high plains of the Southern Alps yet families prosper through love and determination. Others live around the national sport rugby or have the sea in their centre. As aspiring surfer with high goals while others prefer the laid back life style numerous Aucklander call theirs when spending their leisure time sailing and fishing the coast.

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All examples on Secrets of New Zealand have their focus on family and the outdoors. 

DVD 2: NZ Sanctuary Keepers

The fact that New Zealand is the biggest junk of island for a long while sitting in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean is responsible for a unique evolution. It is a fragile ecosystem without native land mammals. The balance of this system was in the past challenged by emigrants and their domesticated and introduced animals, like rats, possums, stouts. These experienced paradise to the cost of extinction and near extinction of New Zealand's rare birdlife.

Among them are the kiwi birds the national symbol, the keas king of the mountains, kakapo the flightless parrot. The coast is home to the blue penguin the smallest of its kind, the yellow eyed penguin that is particular rare, and the hector dolphin who is home only in New Zealand waters.

Many recognized these gifts of nature and follow their calling to keep and protect them in their very own way.

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DVD 3: Secrets of New Zealand

Some of the most attractive destinations have their origins in past and present volcanic activity. A fact New Zealanders live with on a day to day basis. Scientists warn meanwhile the population sees the beauty and advantages in Secrets of New Zealand.

Locations that give testimony to past activities:

  • Auckland's favourite day trip destinations like Rangitoto Island
  • Popular picnic spots around the crater of Mt. Eden and One Tree Hill
  • Napier and its reputation of being an architectural masterpiece of the 1930 style
  • Lake Taupo the largest lake in New Zealand that is best known for its trout fishing
  • The fascinating hot pools around Rotorua
  • White Island the active marine volcano lying off shore of Whakatane

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Does the New Zealand DVD set give a true overview?

Yes definitely!

Secrets of New Zealand give a good brief about life, its attractions, and values in different regions all over the country.

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