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Taking nature pictures while exploring New Zealand is a must.We prepared some to use and send a quick e-card message to family and friends.

NZ lives of its natural features. So it is no wonder that West Auckland has many natural features to see and experience. There is the ancient kauri, aside of the rainforest within the Waitakere Ranges. Walking and tramping more or less defined trails leads through dense bush, stream crossings, waterfalls and waterholes.

During summer time, the intense sound of the cicadas hardly ever stops and gives a comforting feeling of companionship. Every now and then heavy wings of the kereru can be heard or the friendly chirping of the fantail. This little fellow gives often the impression it has something to tell when teasing your attention along the track. The tomtit on the other hand will keep more distance and the tui song is audible from afar. In the area of the Cascade Kauri Park a flock of colorful Eastern Rosella noisily whirls up the peacefulness.

I don’t know about you but the moving target require quite a lot of patience to capture, therefore the wider variety of pictures shows nature in all its glory.

Send any image you liked within our pages or even search the internet. By right clicking into the image, then choosing image info you can copy the image URL into the URL field below. It is as easy as that to send a personalised greeting from New Zealand.

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Nature Pictures to Choose Your Egreeting Card from!

kauri tree
Kauri Tree
Fern fronds
Fern Fronds
Tree detail
Fern forest
Fern Forest
Fern koru
Fern koru
Karekare Falls
Karekare Falls
Makoroa Falls
Makoroa Falls
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Nature Pictures from The Waitakere Ranges

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