Moving Tips and Advice

How to Prepare for Your Move to New Zealand

Relocation brings up many mixed emotions. You may be extremely excited for your future residency in New Zealand, yet at the same time you may feel stressed and worried. The act of moving is a detailed process that requires time and effort. Luckily, there is a way to relieve a lot of the stress- hire a mover.

There is an abundance of moving companies out there waiting to assist you with your relocation, and sites like let you compare multiple movers in your area. Don’t be in a haste to hire the first mover that offers the lowest quote. Take your time and wisely choose a moving company that offers the right services for your circumstances, one that has an extensive, positive history within the industry. Reviews and ratings are left online by past customers. Any reputable moving business will have written reviews that can be found easily using the search engines.

Moving Tips and Advice

After you have booked a company to help you with your relocation to New Zealand, start preparing for the big move. Of course, the more services and features you take advantage of with the mover, the less you will have to worry about.

  • Study the area you are moving to. If New Zealand isn’t your native country and you’ve never been there before, go there for a visit before you claim residency or even do research over the Internet. Make sure you understand the area so that you have a grasp of your future surroundings. You’ll find that there are many wonderful activities, events and places to see throughout the island.
  • Begin packing, room by room. Start in the room you use the least. Pack the boxes by using proper packaging techniques and materials. Label each box clearly with the room it is to be placed in. (Avoid this grueling, time consuming task by purchasing full packing services)
  • Gather all of the documentation that you were asked for. If you are moving to New Zealand from another country, the paperwork you must present is pertinent if you wish to have your belongings accepted at the port when they arrive. Contact the Embassy of New Zealand for the current import policies for household goods.
  • Create a list of inventory. The movers will also do this, but it is always good to have your own list to refer to. Not only should you have a list of inventory, but a list of all substantial items that already have signs of damage before the shipping process begins.
  • Clean the house so that it is ready for the movers to come in and out without any obstacles in their way. Stack the boxes for each room up against the walls so that there is plenty of space for the movers to maneuver the furniture and boxes out of the house. All entryways and hallways should be free of clutter.
  • Be present at the new residence when your belongings arrive. Although it isn’t always necessary, it is wise to be present at your New Zealand residence when your possessions get there. Make sure every piece of furniture and box is accounted for before the movers take off for the day.

Most moving companies will have an assortment of services and features for you to select from. Based off of your finances, determine which services will work best for your move to New Zealand. Pick ones that are advantageous and don’t be hesitant. Options such as full packaging services can save a lot of time and lessen the amount of stress you face during the relocation process.

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