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Planning vacations or being on transit a map of Auckland New Zealand is an essential accessory to navigate your way.

It is equally helpful to explore Auckland City by foot or discovering with an auto rental New Zealand the wider region of Auckland or getting on tour with a New Zealand motor home rental to tour the North and/or the South Island.

Online maps provided by Google are detailed and informative. Most important they are printable and can give detailed directions where needed.

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In the top right corner the choice is yours to display a map, satellite view, or to get an impression of the terrain.

View Auckland in a larger map


The visible section on the map is borderless. Hold your left mouse button and any point can be centred. Alternatively achieve this with the arrows up, down, left, and right on the left.

Zoom Auckland Map in

With double-click zoom in any point of interest, where the mouse cursor hovers above. The map of Auckland New Zealand informs when the maximum is reached.

Instead the plus and minus sign on the left set the zoom into motion, too.

More Detailed

Following the Google link underneath a figure on top of the zoom tool appears. A click on the figure symbol enables to have a peak on the scenery, zoom in and out as well as rotating is possible.

Hover the mouse cursor above the figure, click and hold the little figure, move it to any road and introduce an aerial view. Influence the visible direction with the tool on the very top left of the Auckland map display.

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You find even an approximate address provided in conjunction with the aerial view.

Follow the links to play online puzzles with Auckland sights.

Marae dolphins Sky Tower Harbour Bridge Auckland Museum

Destination Guide

The bottom link view larger map of Auckland New Zealand presents as well the tools to get directions to any destination. Follow the top left link on the sidebar. Under Get Directions fill in where you are, where you intend to go, the locations you wish to stop by, and whether you are driving or walking. The tick to avoid motorways around Auckland is a gift, particularly around the main traffic hours during the morning and in the evening.

Press "Get Directions" and print out a step by step route guide.

Physical Map

Do you feel better with a map? I can understand the need of a visual aide in form of a map. Here is the physical map of New Zealand, that served us well on our tours. These New Zealand atlases have map excerpts of the main New Zealand cities.

Free Maps Including an Auckland Event Guide

Receive a free Auckland event guide , map as well as booklets and routeplanners and accommodation directories are one click away. They offer to plan in ahead and give plenty of inspiration on things to do in Auckland and New Zealand tourist attractions around Northland.

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