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Polyvore is a creative place that allows to clip anything you would like pinning to a virtual composition board. It's fun, and connects a great bunch of people who use it to design outfits, interiors, set lyrics into an artistic setting or just create art.Your vision is the limit.

Every now and then we compose a board to set art of New Zealand artists into diverse interior settings or just toy with shapes and designs and create some print on demand products on to accessorize fun outfits.

Check it out, and be warned it is quite addictive but it is an inspiring place.

Girl's Weekend in Style

Stylin’ Summer Vacation with Macy's Impulse: Contest Entry

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Check out the bracelet with circle and drop.

Maori Carvings and Symbols

Bone Carvings - Maori Symbols

The Pierce Brosnan koru carving is shown in greenstone. Those who prefer the bone version please follow here where you also find the second bone carving shows the koru symbol set into a circle.

Summer Rain in The City

This summer outfit was created to feature the beautiful two coloured bone carving created by Kerry Thompson. Flowing lines in weaving motions let the three  dimensional shapes form a butterfly where the underlying lines are honey coloured tinted. The carved pendant stands out on darker uni colours.

Summer Rain in The City

Butterfly carved in bone by Kerry Thompson at the BoneArtPlace.

Summer Camp: Beach and Bush Adventures

Summer Camp: Bush and Beach Adventures

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