Kapiti Island Sunset - April 2012 - NZ Photo Contest

by Jondaar Jondaar

Kapiti Island Sunset

Kapiti Island Sunset

Sunset of Kapiti Island taken on Christmas Day Dec 2011 from Otaki Beach.

I liked the way the red colours went with the Christmas season like Santa Claus's red suit.


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Kapiti Island

Largely managed by the Department of Conservation Kapiti Island is an island sanctuary. This quality has been recognized since 1870. By 1897 it was reserved to become a sanctuary but it took another 90 years to put this plan into action, removal of introduced mammals like goats, sheep, pigs, cattle , dogs and cats, to eradicate feral animals like rats, stoats and possums. By 1996 of the New Zealand possum more than 22,500 were eradicated in a 6 year program.

The island was ready to welcome the reintroduction of many rare and endangered New Zealand birds. Today bird watchers come for two kiwi bird species the brown kiwi and the little spotted kiwi. At feeding stations the hihi bird can often be watched. Some birds like the kaka and weka require special attention to prevent them being tempted to show off their inquisitive character and examine your belongings closer in the case when it is openly accessible and unattended.

It requires a permit booked through the Department of Conservation before you plan a trip to the island. Within the DOC land there is no staying overnight, yet a lodge on private land offers this service. There is also always the possibility to undertake daytrips from Paraparaumu. Find places to stay and compare their prizes then book on this page. The township is just about 6 km off the island and a ferry service departs from there. The island is ideal to dive into the whaling history of the island, to watch New Zealand birds, or photo hunt them as well as for some tracks that demand a medium to high level of fitness.

Between Waikanae Beach and Paraparaumu Beach on the Kapiti Coast a Marine Reserve is located. The Reserve is a popular destination by snorkelers and scuba divers.

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