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The fruits of the Nikau palm are part of the New Zealand tree jigsaw puzzles online collection of New Zealand vacations in West Auckland.

Nikau Palm Jigsaw Puzzle

Nikau palm
Nikau palm Jigsaw Puzzle

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NZ trees in jigsaw puzzles online

Nikau Palm, Rhopalostylis Sapida

The fruit of nikau palm turns red when fully ripe. It reaches a length of 10 mm and a width of 7 mm. 

Between November and April tightly set pink flowers are visible. Growing on multi branched spikes above the rings of leave scares and below the oldest leave. From February to November the fruits ripen from the previous flowering season. Kereru have these red fruits regularly in their diet.

Native to New Zealand it is the most southern growing palm. Slow growing the palm starts with feather like leaves direct off the ground. Over time a stem 25 cm through with close scar rings left by old leaves grows to a height of 10 metres or more. After about two decades the first flowering sets in.

In the Waitakere Ranges the palm tree is well presented. Wonderful nikau groves are at the Marawhara Walk starting from North Piha or at the beginning of Kura Track at Whatipu. An impression of this palm trenched in sunlight is found here painted by Kerry Fenton Johns.

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