Whatipu Beach Jigsaw Puzzle Online

This online jigsaw puzzle commemorates one of Auckland's thrilling west coast beaches. Whatipu beach is beautiful, wild and history loaded.

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Whatipu Beach
Whatipu Beach Jigsaw Puzzle

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Whatipu Beach

Busy and quite remote beaches like Whatipu fringe the west coast of Auckland. It takes a bit more than half an hour to travel the 25 km from Titirangi in direction of Huia and to the end of the road to Whatipu. Past Huia, the narrow coastal road is winding its way to Little Huia, a small settlement right at the beachfront. After crossing the ford at the end of Little Huia the road leads land inwards to climb up a hill. Soon gravel takes over the sealed road and meanders down the valley to end finally in a cul-de-sac like parking area. Surrounding wetlands that are located between beach and hills are home to pukekos. The social swamp hen forages the meadows on their long and gangly orange legs.

The car park is starting point to short walks and more demanding day tours. The campground at the Whatipu lodge or the lodge itself serve as resting point in between multi day hikes like the four-day Hillary Trail. The tracks show off the Waitakeres in all their glory. Sights include bush, beach or views off the top of ridges following the coast of Manukau Harbour or the Tasman Sea. The picture with the beautiful emerald green of the water shows the view off the close by lookout.

In early spring, the valley at the starting point of Kura Track echoes the song of tui birds feeding on the yellow blossoming kowhai trees. The picnic area that receives shelter by pohutukawa trees charms with its reddish glow from early December to Christmas and early January.

Following the coast along the beach, the value of the scientific reserve becomes clear and why it is a dog free zone. Many species of native and migrating birds like the pied shag, Caspian tern or variable oystercatcher are visible on a beach walk. Some have their nest right above the high tide line. Nesting birds tend to attack when beach visitors come to close to their nest. So please be extra careful to prevent unintentional accidents.

Personally I think it is a fascinating place and well worth to spend a day or two to explore and enjoy.Visit the Auckland Council website for more information about staying over night.

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