Jig Saw Puzzles of Seashore Life

Purple Shore Crab

The purple shore crab shines in the collection of online jig saw puzzles. Motifs show seashore life in the Auckland region.

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Purple shore crab ...

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Purple shore crab

The last visit to Anawhata Beach at low tide nestled at the rock exposed this beautiful example of a purple shore crab.

General crab attributes:

  • Crustacea
  • Wide and flat body
  • Protected by a thick, hard shield called carapace
  • Has ten feet
  • Front pair has large pincers named chelae
  • Moves sideways

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Preferably this specie stays at rocky shores and hides in narrow rock gaps. The crab makes use of its claws when disturbed. At night they search for food in form of seaweed and live or dead animals. In order to grow they shed off their shield followed by an increased intake of calcium rich algae to stabilize their carapace.


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