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Australasian Gannet At Muriwai

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Flying Gannet
Gannet Jigsaw Puzzle

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Pied Shag Caspian Tern Variable Oystercatcher Black Backed Gull eating Australasian Gannets

Flying gannetFlying gannet at Muriwai

Life on the edge is the choice of Australasian Gannets

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Kiwiana treats and gifts

At Otakamiro Point close to Muriwai Beach these majestic gannets have their nesting grounds there between August and March. Their colonies jump into eye with a very regular pattern. A result by the birds attempt to breed as close as possible to one another without getting into immediate reach of their neighbour’s beak.

Just hatched they are naked and have the colour black. Soon, their first feather dress transforms them into white fluffy balls. The youngsters’ feather gown is speckled with white and dark grey. Once grown up these proud birds are white with black wing and tail feathers. One brown yellowish batch decorates the back of head and neck.

Astonishing is their choice to breed in such an exposed and windy spot.

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