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Indian Community in New Zealand

The roots of the Indian population in New Zealand that form the Indian community go back to the end of the 18th century. Punjab and Gujarat were Indian regions known the first male migrants came from.

Indian Settlers

Some left their anchoring ship to stay. Others were seeking to support their families in India. In order to do so, they travelled abroad to find employment or business opportunities. Again others came while working for British families.

In the beginning many worked as travelling salespersons, on the fields, and on dairy farms.

Auckland City, Waikato, and Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, were selected urban areas where Indian settlers established their homes. Coming from a country with a rich cultural background and strong family bonds most of them intended to return home to India sooner or later. With difficult conditions remaining in their home country and a developing situation in New Zealand they entered a compromise. Commonly they married in India and brought their wives with them to New Zealand.

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Tirelessly they worked to sustain their remaining families in India, their young and growing families in New Zealand, and to build a strong Indian community.

Trademarks are the local convenience store also called Dairy. These are small businesses often run by Indians other branches are liquor shops and Indian restaurants or takeaways. With the input of long hours these businesses provide a living. Calling New Zealand home in subsequent generations made Indians enter in all sorts of professions.

The 'Local Business Directory' is the place to find and advertise West Auckland businesses.

Since 2002 the Diwali festival of lights progressed into a yearly event. Publicly shared it enriches New Zealand’s diversity.

The growing families in this vibrant cultural community of the Indian population worked together to establish centres to meet socially, to recite, to celebrate, and to teach Punjabi , Gujarati , Hindi , and cultural values. The goal is to keep traditions alive and present to their children.

Numerous places grew within communities to cater for Hindu, Sikh, and Moslem. In the Auckland area these are:


  • Sathya Sai Service Organisation
  • Subramaniyam Temple
  • Bharatiya Mandir Temple
  • Mahatma Gandhi Centre
  • Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
  • Hare Krishna Temple


  • Punjabi Association
  • New Zealand Sikh Society Auckland Branch


  • Islamic Resource Centre
  • Islamic Centre South Auckland
  • Islamic Centre & Jame'h Mosque
  • Islamic Centres
  • Ranui Mosque

The map below shows where to find them in Auckland.

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The doubling of the Indian population between 1991 and 2001 made them the fourth strongest ethnic group within New Zealand. In 2006 more than 106,000 Indian settlers called New Zealand home.

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