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Where to find secluded beaches at the west coast?

Holidays in Auckland attract city travellers and beach enthusiasts all the same. The closeness of Hauraki Gulf, Waitemata Harbour, Manukau Harbour and the west coast ensure a wide selection on busy and secluded beaches for activities around water.

WhatipuWhatipu, scientific reserve for shorebirds

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Often some effort has to be made to reach remote beaches at Auckland's west coast. Yet, every single one leaves an idyllic memory to holidays in Auckland and therefore is worth every bit of effort. The beaches are best reached by vehicle. Those on holidays may want to check out the wide range of budget rental cars by national or international car rental company on offer.

All remote beaches have no surf life guards patrolling. Meaning for the west coast where a vivid surf and unpredictable rips are present to stick to the golden rule and secure memorable New Zealand holidays: 

When sea conditions and your own abilities are unknown save your swimming and surfing fun for patrolled beaches. There advice and help is close.

Maori Bay, south of Muriwai

Maori Bay is south of Muriwai and accessed by a left turn just before the Beach. Local surfers seem to like this little sheltered Bay.

The car park hosts toilets and changing rooms. From there a steep way leads down to the beach.

O'Neill Bay, north of Bethells Beach

O'Neill Bay shares the car park and facilities with Bethells Beach. It is a five minutes walk to the north past Bethells Beach.

Best conditions are in high tide with any swell and wind direction.

Keyhole Rock, Anawhata BeachSend an e-card of New Zealand beach sunsets.

Anawhata a most secluded beach

It means eight kilometres drive on an unsealed winding Anawhata Road. The road ends in a car park with composting toilet.

A thirty minutes long track reaps rewards with scenic views. Sights open up to the beach and spectacular rounded volcanic hills.

Sheltered Whites Beach, north of Piha

Whites Beach is reached only by foot. A track hidden by bush that starts at the end of North Piha. Walking for twenty minutes steep uphill and then downhill rewards with wonderful views over a small bay. 

Historical Whatipu

Whatipu Beach gives the chance to catch up with history on New Zealand holidays. Discover the caves (take a torch with you). Once the more spacious ones were meeting places for workers of the the timber milling industry. The views from the caves stretch to wide wetlands between beach and cliffs. 

Wonga-Wonga Bay at the mouth of the Manukau Harbour at the south end of the beach was the place where land transport of the timber changed to transport on water.  

A lodge offers accommodation in historical buildings to individuals or groups. This gives occasion to enjoy Whatipu more extensively with it's hiking tracks and look outs.

From here an eight kilometres beach walk brings you to Karekare Point and Karekare Beach.

Variable oystercatcherThe thumbnail leads to a NZ shore bird puzzle online.

One rule applies to all beaches visited on holidays in Auckland:

Take only memories. Leave nothing
but footprints.
--Chief Seattle--

More quotations are found here.


    --Be sun smart!--

In New Zealand the sun is burning. The UV ray protecting ozone layer is damaged. This leaves a high sunburn risk and may result in future health impairment.

So do it the Kiwi way to get the most out of your holidays in New Zealand

    "Slip, Slop, Slap, Wrap!"

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