Hiking in New Zealand

meet native animal life in New Zealand

While hiking in New Zealand the island presents a native animal life in its outdoor world that reflects a young human history.

Birds of New Zealand - 4 DVD Documentary Collection
Birds of New Zealand
4 DVD Documentary Collection

First humans arrived approximately 1,300 years ago. Until this time only swimming mammals like seals or flying mammals like bats were indigenous. This created very own conditions for an isolated evolution with a high number on endemic species.

Nowadays the public is aware of its exceptional animal life in New Zealand. Goal is for council and communities to re-establish situations in certain reserves as authentic as possible. Efforts are made to remove and control introduced species that became innocently predators like possums, rats, ferrets, deer, cats and others.

Guided hiking in New Zealand tours in the Waitakere Ranges are available at GoDo . Many offer a pick up service from your accommodation Auckland . Should you prefer to explore the Waitakere Ranges independently on your own terms it is best achieved with a ‘Recreation and Tour Guide Map’ that is found at the Arataki Visitor Centre and a budget car rental to get you around.

The latter gives room to discover one or more of the 26 Regional Parks around Auckland.

Animals and birds you may encounter

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The kiwi bird, the New Zealand national bird is more likely be seen just in captivity like in the Auckland Zoo. Few New Zealander can pride them selves to have actually seen one in the wild. These sly and secretive night birds gave the nation their nick name.

Cute but regarded as pest the New Zealand possum is night active. Therefore it will more likely be heard at night and seen dead sometimes at the side of the road.

Maori sulptureThe thumbnail leads to a flax flower online puzzle.

Birds home to the west

Small flocks of olive green silvereye birds feed on blooming trees. While the artistic fantail is on lookout for insects.

In the Waitakeres we are fortunate to hear the heavy flapping of kereru wings and see them quite regularly feeding on nikau palms, puriri trees and other trees. It is interesting to watch them hang sometimes upside down feeding on fragile branches that barely can hold their weight.

One of the first songs in the morning is clearly audible from far the tui bird’s. They are seen often high up in the trees or feeding on New Zealand flax.

Pukekos stand out with their long red legs and blue plumage. They are at home in the wetlands.

Birdlife home to the coast

Hiking in New Zealand along the west coast of Auckland can reveal pied shags, caspian terns, variable oystercatchers. The black back gull is regular guest on the beaches. To watch the Australasian gannets visit their nesting place at Muriwai Beach.

Maori sulptureThe thumbnail lets birds tweet e greetings.

What are you waiting for?

Get out exploring the Waitakere Ranges with a guided tour of GoDo or choose to discover Auckland west independently a budget car rental. Later come back and show off with a photo and some lines what you have discovered.

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