Guy Fawkes Night

Fire Work Festivities Adopted from England

November arrives with Guy Fawkes Night fire work festivities. Everyone is looking forward to it. This is the only time in the year it is legal and possible for the public to purchase fire works. Ads start running weeks before the day everywhere.

Night Sky Filled with Fireworks
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A few days only from the 2nd to the 5th November everywhere from street sales straight of a container and dairy to super market and shopping centres packets of fire work are on offer. Fireworks let young and old eyes sparkling with joy. New Zealand embraced this tradition and let this day become one of the most looked forward to yearly events.

It is a welcome occasion to bring family and friends together for a BBQ and a firework spectacle as highlight. Backyard, park, or one of the many picnic sites around Auckland are popular meeting places.

However, there might be some limitations set by the council in order to protect public property of fire work damages. Organised events in places like the Trust Stadium in Henderson bring it to the next level with professional pyrotechnic.

Hearing first about the reason behind the celebration I was puzzled. Why would an attempted plot be celebrated? Eventually I caught up in understanding that the reason was thwarting the plot.

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Guy Fawkes Night

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It is also known as bonfire night on the evening of the 5th of November relating to the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ of 1605 in United Kingdom. Some of the former British colonies like New Zealand adopted the tradition.

The celebration is in memory of the downfall of the plot to blow up the houses of Parliament House located in London, England. The plot was designed to blow up King James I during a court session because he had angered the catholic community by stealing from them or having them murdered for following a different leader, Alias the Pope.

Guy Fawkes

A letter sent by Fawkes to Lord Mounteagle, an acquaintance, foiled the plot who showed the warning not to come to the session to the King. He in return suspected a plot against the parliament and ordered the cellar to be searched. There Guy was found waiting to light the fuse. Fawkes was born on the 13th of April 1570 in Stonegate, Yorkshire. He was son to Edward Fawkes and Edith Blake.

Since then the King’s safety is commemorated with firework displays.

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