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Compiled New Zealand government websites are useful for travellers and immigrants.

Travellers will find sites like that cover general regional information and tourism in the area, the regional parks around Auckland, water quality and the best way to get around Auckland.

Online these websites are easily recognizable by the ending govt nz.

About Auckland

Auckland Council is the site to consult on anything about the regional parks.

Department of Conservation gives information about the protection of New Zealand's natural and historic heritage. With detaild resources on how and where to enjoy public conservation places and how to get involved with DOC.

Auckland Regional Transport provides all there is about buses, trains, and ferries in Auckland.


All about fish and shell fish and the mission of New Zealand to use sea resources sustainably.

The Auckland Council provides regularly updates on the water quality of the beaches out West.

Dogs at the beach

The thumbnail leads to e-cards of NZ beaches.

Government sites

New Zealand immigration

Immigration Advisers Authority is the place to find help with your application

New Zealand Qualifications Authority: The site to visit when outside of New Zealand gained qualifications need to be recognized.

The Department of Internal Affairs

Inland Revenue is of interest when you plan to visit NZ on a working holiday or you need an IRD number for any reason.

Land Transport New Zealand gives detailed resources on driving and everything dealing with transport in this country.

TEARA is a fantastic site about past and present, flora and fauna in New Zealand.

Ministry of Primary Industry

The Ministry of Tourism works to maximise the benefits to New Zealand from the sustainable development of the tourism industry.

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