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Pohutukawa Blossom

The pohutukawa blossom is featured under free puzzle games with other flower themes of New Zealand.

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Pohutakawa blossom, metrosideros excelsa...

Crimson pohutukawa blossom puzzle
pohutukawa blossom Jigsaw Puzzle

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Pohutukawa blossomPohutukawa blossom

New Zealand Christmas Tree

Things to remember

Kiwiana treats and gifts

After an old Maori saying: pohutukawa trees in full bloom before Christmas promise a long and warm summer season. Which is the very same reason why these trees are called New Zealand Christmas trees.

Sure is a tree in full bloom gives a memorable sight. Smothered in red the colour is formed by long stamen that are tipped by a yellow dot the pollen. The feathery flowers are immediately associated with summer, sun and having a good time in the shade of an enormous pohutakawa nearby the beach. A coastline, bordered by these fascinating trees radiates during flowering period a reddish shade visible from far.

Native birds crowd them for their abundant nectar supply and humans favour the sweet pohutakawa honey gathered by bees. Different tree parts were once used for their medicinal purposes. Today, a rediscovery took place. This in turn led to add these qualities to a selectionof skin care products that are developed with plant extracts.

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