Free Online Puzzles of Sea-Life on NZ's Shore

Stichaster Australis

Topic of a series of free puzzles is New Zealand’s rich sea-life around the shoreline.

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Stichaster Australis ...

Seastar jigsaw
seastar Jigsaw Puzzle

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Paua Shells Stichaster Australis Sea Stars Purple Shore Crab Neptunes Necklace

Stichaster AustralisStichaster Australis seen at Piha Beach North

Stichaster Australis

Things to remember

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On beach walks along the rocky reefs at the rugged west coast shoreline of Auckland this sea star is a common sight. Low tide exposes them clinging to rocks in bright orange and creamy colours to shades of mauve.

Distinctive is a skin with leathery appearance and 10 to 12 arms. Their menu consists of invertebrates, sea urchins, and molluscs.

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