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Click into the puzzle. The puzzle field will open into a new page.

Coastal view of Whatipu

Online puzzle game

Coastline at Whatipu Jigsaw Puzzle

Coastline at Whatipu Jigsaw Puzzle

The link opens in a new window. Puzzle, compete, or send  an e-card.

Find out more on how to create your own photo puzzles.
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Yours is the choice of amount and shape of jig saw pieces; just follow the menu on the left of the open puzzle playing field. If you liked it, share it as a puzzle post card. The time it took to solve can be taken, too. So a private competition between friends can take place.

For those who want to embed it to their site or blog, be welcome, the link is below. Following the option link lets you choose a different way to display the puzzle. More online jig saws are found in our online gallery, the last button of the playing field navigation. 

Do you sometimes regret the compromises you have to make on puzzles? Reading up on photo puzzles you can find out how to design your puzzle. Choose the amount of pieces you prefer, select your favourite image or load up your vacation memory for a puzzle that is one hundred percent right for the chosen purpose.

Have puzzle fun!

NZ vacations in West Auckland online puzzle library

Follow the thumbnails to get the online puzzle link and details about the shown motifs. We love to improve your experience within New Zealand Vacations in West Auckland. Therefore please use the Facebook plug-in to leave a comment about Free Online Puzzle Games.

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How to style your own puzzle

Lear how to use your own digital material to style memorable puzzle gifts suitable as travel gifts, gifts for friends or family.

  • Classic puzzle in the dimension 10"x14" with 252 pieces without gift box or 8"x10" with gift box.
  • For an additional variety on jig saw puzzle shape (heart shape, round shape, panorama) and dimension skip to photo puzzles. There you also find the choice of piece size and a wide spectrum on amount of pieces which makes fantastic gifts suitable for any age, from puzzle starter to the proficient  puzzle enthusiast.

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